Sunday, April 1, 2007

I'm Back! :)

So I can be really bad about keeping up with blog stuff, if you can't tell! The thing that prevents me from doing it is that I can feel like I'm not spending my time wisely. I want every minute of my day to be purposeful and honestly I can spend too much time on thinking about what I should post. So I think I'm going to try and post consistently but not put too much thought and writing time into it. It's great to be able to write things that God is teaching you and have them recorded to look back upon and remember especially during those times that we forget! I can so easily forget things that I've learned from God in times past!

Amazing Quote:

"Nobody can force a single turn to Christ. All that [we]...can do, is to lift up Christ before the world, bring him into dingy corners and dark places of the earth where he is unknown, introduce him to strangers, talk about him to everyone, and live so closely with and in him that others may see that there really is such a person as Jesus."
Elizabeth "Betty" Stam

This is simply beautiful! "That others may see that there is really such a person as Jesus." He is a person! "Live so closely with and in him." Deep intimacy that is strongly evident. "lift up Christ before the world, bring him into dingy corners and dark places" Making His goodness known. Proclaiming it everywhere. God would you please do this in us, your Church and Bride. Produce deep intimacy and humility to where you are radiant and evident to the whole world.


aggie07 said...

Hey Girl!! Seeing this made my day! I am so glad you are blogging again. I agree, blogging shouldn't require alot of time and energy...that is what I love about it. I can just write what is on my mind. It doesn't have to be perfect or's just me. It makes me laugh that you finally found our "chat" Okay, one last thing. we should take roomie pics in the bluebonnets to decorate our house with!!! We should all wear white shirts and we would be beautiful and have pics of us to put up.

Julie said...

I like that plan! We better get on it! Those bluebonnets seem to come and go quickly! I think I've got a white shirt too. :)