Sunday, February 4, 2007

Created for Family

God makes a home for the lonely Ps.68:6 NASB

God sets the lonely in families Ps.68:6 NIV

God's heart is for us to not be alone. He has created us and made us for family. He has really shown Himself to be true in this area of my life lately. I have an amazing family in Houston/Austin which consists of my mom, dad, and sister Lisa. They are THE BEST!!! :) Unfortunately they don't live five minutes away. God wants me to have a family here in College Station also.

He's been so great to provide me with it. He continues to give me peace about being at Living Hope. I've met some amazing people who are in love with God's word and walking in His ways. I'm thankful for Amanda, Bekah, Julie, Jenn, my new mentor, Hope Group, the Nicaragua's crazy how in just a matter of weeks God has placed this lonely one (me!) in a new home.

I'm so thankful!


aggie07 said...

Our God is so good! He and I talked about the same thing today, except along a little bit different lines. It was such a blessing. I am so thankful for what wonderful relationships I have been forming the last several months. You are a blessing to me!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I'm so glad you're here too Julie! You're such a blessing!!!

aggie07 said...

Julie, I just want to say that it makes me sad that you are no longer you!!

bekah said...

I second that Amanda.

Where did you go Julie?

You are nowhere to be found in the internet world...

So... its about a year till you next birthday, eh?

bekah said...

Hey guys.

I vote we use Julie's blog as a chat.

Guten tag everyone

How are youuuu?

aggie07 said...

I am soo all for that Bekah!! I wonder how long it will take Julie to notice :) Hehe!

bekahgrace said...

Knock Knock Hulia.

Ricky Ricardo- Lucy I'm home

?Como estas, Julia?

peace out.

aggie07 said...

Bekah you are a nut! i don't think i will get much done next year b/c i will spend so much time laughing at/with you!!

Julie said...

Oh my...I'm so out of it! :) You girls have just been chattin' away and Hulie is in outer space or something. Well...I'm back now. Nice to see you again. Nice to chat with ya! :) I love you girls! YOu make me :).