Friday, April 13, 2007

I've been listening to this song by Enter the Worship Circle a lot lately! Wow, the beauty of Jesus!

Crown Him

Listen all you unborn children, and those yet to be born again

A seed from the God of heaven… was planted here in the world of men

He grew up only to be broken, He grow up only to be buried

“Hold on,” I heard the prophet say, “hold on, that’s not the end.”

‘Cause when the cross went up, the curtain came down

And a hush ran across the stage, but when the stone was rolled back

All the angels came ‘round, and the earth stood up on its feet to say…

Crown Him Love, crown Him Alive and Well, Crown Him God of Our Salvation

Crown Him Lovely, crown Him Beautiful, He is God and we adore Him…

Creation began to speak, here come Jesus
In a purple robe, here come Jesus, like a lovely rose
Here come Jesus Back from the dead
Here come Jesus holding out His hand

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